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For 35 years that I have been practicing between France and the United States,

through the thousands of people I have met in consultations and conferences, I have realized that the majority of the people I have met, trained and accompanied had a need to understand the functioning of their body, to understand where their health problems came from, and especially what to do to remedy them.

To answer this need, I decided to share the fruit of my research, my skills, and my expertise through a training in Naturopathy, according to the methods and approaches that I know and that I practice with my family and for myself.

This training is intended for all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the body, in order to preserve or improve their health, or that of their loved ones.

>>It is composed of 9 modules, which are progressive.

These modules are designed to bring you a very high level of knowledge, so it is mandatory to follow them in a progressive way, that is to say to have followed the first module before starting the second one, and so on.

Composition of the 9 modules:

1. The digestive system

2. The hormonal system

3. The thyroid

4. The adrenal gland

5. The nervous system

6. The cardiovascular system

7. The different diets

8. The quality of food and food supplements

9. The emunctory organs.

The first cycle deals with anatomy, physiology and pathologies.

In the second cycle, we cover, among other things, youth, diabetes, the GAPS diet, heavy metals, autoimmune diseases, with their evaluation methods and remedies.

The third cycle includes very detailed case studies related to pathologies such as endometriosis, candidiasis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, or irritable bowel syndrome.

The natural medicine I practice is called functional medicine.

It is an investigation carried out at the deepest level of the body, in order to understand the multiple causes of its disturbances. It is the opposite of a "bobology" medicine which does not interest me.

I hope to convince you of its benefits and have the pleasure of sharing my passion with you. If you join my training program, you will be able to appreciate the important benefits for your health.

I invite you to follow me in this great adventure of discovering the human body, of preserving and optimizing our natural health capital!

Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty."

--Albert Einstein

What my students say...

"Beatrice explains things with patience and clarity." I am part of the first class of these teachings. I am delighted with the classes, the teacher and the beautiful people I met. I have taken Naturopathy trainings online before but they were incomplete. So I wanted to go deeper with a Naturopath who is not satisfied with a "theoretical" teaching, but who is indeed "on the field" and especially, who practices every day in contact with his patients and with his students around the world and who has a certain experience in the field.

The courses are structured and well explained.

Beatrice is a true pedagogue who puts herself within reach of everyone. Generously, she gives her tips and shares with her clients what she applies herself.

Thank you Beatrice for these rich moments and for your authenticity.


Beatrice's classes are very interesting.

After having seen the basics of anatomy, Beatrice reviews the different possible pathologies and indicates all the natural remedies that she knows. For me it is important to look for the causes of a pathological dysfunction and her courses are in this same spirit. As a student, we benefit from her long experience in the USA and in France, so it is not just theory. You can ask her as many questions as you want, and if she doesn't know, she says so and never fails to come back to you after doing her research to finally give you the answer.

While walking with Naturopathy I sometimes ask her the same question several times with a different perspective, and Beatrice has never shown any annoyance; on the contrary I feel that she likes to share her knowledge. This is very appreciated.

She also gives us recipes to put into practice and this completes her courses perfectly. I also like the exchanges with the other students about our experiences, new products, movies, TV shows, books, addresses of practitioners...

Fabienne Poul

For the past 3 years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of attending classes given by Mrs. Levinson. Whatever the level of her students, non-professional or academic, she is within our reach. Attending her classes is an enrichment and an amazement every time. She does not teach, she transmits. She does not dictate, she shares. She does not educate us, she instructs us. It makes us knowledgeable and useful to ourselves and to others. Being healthy and staying healthy is her main subject: using common sense to defend LIFE and the human being as a whole.

Thank you Beatrice, you have taught me to care for others in harmony and joy thanks to your smile and your empathy. And in addition you have offered me the most beautiful gift: to know how to heal myself. Thank you

Evelyne BDH

For me, teaching is mostly about sharing!

Why choose this approach and join the program

Naturopathy training program that I offer:

What you will learn during this course...

  • You will be able to understand how the body works

  • You will be able to order yourself the necessary tests to understand your ailments

  • You will have all the remedies that I have tested and that work, necessary for your well-being

  • You will be able to adapt your diet according to your physiology

The price of your training: $840

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